Things getting hot and steamy in the sauna...

John Bauer, Heidi Holtan and Katie Carter locked themselves in the sauna to raise money for local community radio (91.7 KAXE). While John and Katie enjoyed themselves, it took some arm twisting to get Heidi to sauna w/o her sweater on... After that everyone relaxed and that's when things really started to heat up. Click here to see more pictures of those 3 playing in the sauna.

Sharing the Sauna

KAXE Volunteer of the Year, Rev Dave, and Doug MacRostie did their show live from the sauna to raise money for independent radio (91.7 KAXE). After arguing about how big the fire should be, Rev got the sauna nice and hot then tricked Doug into running and jumping in the river (listen to todays Headlines below to hear all about that...). Click here to see pictures of Doug freezing in the river.


Click Here to listen to today's Headlines on KAXE's Stay Warm Fundraiser, including uncomfortably close situations in the sauna, streaking the Grand Rapids Public Library and getting Hot and Spicy for the fundraiser...


The Stay Warm Fundraiser - Sauna Time!

After having issue with the KAXE hot tub turning into a vat of "human soup...," KAXE Volunteer Jon Rossman (shown to the left after a job well done) and Doug MacRostie built a sauna in KAXE's Studio 1 with recycled parts (included all the pallets we had out back). All your phone calls have been keeping us warm ... pledge now! Our goal is $50,000! Help us with your pledge!


BREAKING NEWS: Dan caused Heidi's Folliculitis

The irritated red spots all over Heidi are believed to stem from tainted hot tub water due to KAXE Engineer Dan Houg's use of the tub to boil sausages left over from the Green Cheese Picnic. Dan claims to "not recall" this. Click here to have Dan boil your sausage in the hot tub...


Click here to listen to The 4th Edition of the Heart Warming Headlines, including the frolickers in the hot tub (cooking food...), an update on our online poll (go vote now!) and the battle between hot tubs and saunas. Get ready for chili!!!

Scratch scratch, itch itch - what Heidi learned in the Hot Tub

After many hours spent broadcasting live in a hot tub over the last week, KAXE Host and Producer Heidi Holtan was diagnosed with itchy red spots. Being the die-hard KAXE supporter that she is, Heidi pushed the limits of Hot Tub exposure (especially when the hot tub was actually a pig-feed vat from Darry Broad's northwoods ranch...) - all this to support KAXE. Click here to see more pictures of Heidi in the hot tub...

3rd Edition of HOT OFF THE PRESSES

Click here for the latest headlines, including John and Heidi getting the hot tub working, the hot dish contest (and the confusion around it...) and one of our reporters storming out of the news room!

RealGood Hot Tub

Hi!  My name is Hiedi Holtan .. what's yours?KAXE has received many phone calls and emails with people expressing their disappointment in Heidi Holtan's appearance in the hot tub picture with John Bauer. People felt that her voice didn't match the picture, which has caused quite a fuss at KAXE. So we turned the web cam around to get a better look at Heidi. As you can see, her do-rag should not be confused for a swimming cap which many people thought she had on. To see more hot tub pictures of Heidi Holtan ... click here.


HOT OFF THE PRESSES - Day 2 Headlines for 2/24

Click here to listen to todays Headlines! Teri Teppid and Frigid Jones report on the Stay Warm fundraiser on 91.7 KAXE - topics today include the upcoming Hot Dish contest, retrofitting the vat into a hot tub and getting a massage from the New York Jets (click here for pictures!).

Bauer first to jump in the Hot Tub

On a special edition of Currents, John Bauer and Heidi Holtan broadcast a mix of new music live from a Hot Tub. After John convinced Heidi that she can't wear her sweater in the hot tub, they both ran and jumped in. It turns out all the hauling of buckets of water up from the Mississippi River was totally worth it...and its the 2nd most relaxing thing to today in northern MN...click here to check out the #1 thing to do!

Bucket Brigade Filling the Hot Tub

KAXE Staff and Volunteers (plus a few random people off the street) have been filling buckets in the Mississippi River to fill the "hot tub" vat that Derry Broad dropped off. After some scrubbing and last minute preparations...it should work as a Hot Tub in the KAXE studios!!! Would you like to join us in the hot tub? Just Click Here to fill out our application form...


Hot Off the Presses - Day 1 Headlines

Teri Tepid, Frigid Jones and Luke Warm are our crack-reporter team assigned to cover the Stay Warm fundraiser on 91.7 KAXE. Click here to listen to the first installment of Heart Warming Headlines Hot Off the Presses!

Rev Dave refuses to 'Stay Warm'

Volunteer host Rev Dave threw a curve ball to KAXE's "Stay Warm" fundraiser on the first day, stating that he "hates it when people say 'stay warm'." His mood went from "active disdain" to "aggressively sarcastic," when he offered to pour gasoline on co-host Doug MacRostie and set it on fire to help KAXE during the fundraiser. Check out pictures of the gasoline incidient here!


Heartwarming Stories

We're trying to KEEP WARM at 91.7 KAXE this fundraiser. We can't do it without you.

Check here for heartwarming stories and random acts of hot tubs and saunas.

Keep 91.7 KAXE hot, hot hot! Support local community radio in Northern Minnesota...


Groupies from High Bongo

Every band has them, they are called groupies. This sweet little pumpkins showed up last night on Centerstage Minnesota to hear High Bongo's concert. Yes they had a little too much to drink but at least they didn't drink and drive. They also agreed to clean up the little deposit they made on the front step.

The True Scott Hall is Revealed!

Today's villain is Scott "Hoodwink" Hall. Scott is being sued for harassing a scantily clad waitress at the local Hooters bar and restaurant. "I've been yelled at, pinched, and sexually harassed, but never .. and I mean never ... have I had someone wink so sleazily at me before. They need to lock this guy up for a long time," said Hooters employee Missy B. Haven. Click here to see photos of Missy B. Haven.

Erika brings it home!

KAXE Member Erika Kooda, all 13 years of age, stopped by early this morning to host the Morning Show with Heidi Holtan and John Bauer. Not only did she help KAXE generate 27 members, she also had the best costume. Thank you Erika. Ff you are over 13, you should be a member

Happy Halloween

Don't be afraid. It's only Timothy William and Doug MacRostie hosting On the River this morning on KAXE. They are not trying to scare you into a pledge, they are only trying to have fun. Make it more fun by pledging to KAXE